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"FAST CARS"Another Photo Page

Fast Cars live at Feltham Airpark Middlesex July 1979

I had this gig listed as Isleworth Carnival, Marianne (who was there with her friend Dawn) has informed me it was at Feltham Airpark in Hanworth Middlesex and it took place on 7th July 1979.
The PA and backline was provided by The Who, you can see Hiwatt and Sunn amps in the backline.

"Who's playing the 'Flying Brush?'

Steve gets the Green light !!

Craig's smiling ??!!

Stuart's entry for the 1979 face pulling contest!!

Hope that PA is safe??
Red flight case has 'WHO' sprayed on it

An outdoor stage ... before Health & Safety regs!!

Steve and Tony

The red flight case ... well we were impressed !

A view from the crowd !

Under construction

The Tour Bus ... we travelled down from Manchester on this with "The Out"

This was luxury in '79 note the HGV was matching colour!