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.*****Fast Cars - Coming....Ready Or Not! (Detour LP). The Fast Cars' 'The Kids Just Wanna Dance' is one of those records I taped of the radio in the late 70s and have forever been tryin' to nail a copy (think of Eater if they could actually write a good 'tune'), in fact it took all those years up untill the release of one of those 'Back To Front' LPs that I finally had the thing on vinyl, by then my tape had long since detoriated and hearing the song again for the first time in years I was surprised at how well it had stood the test of time (cept for a few lame drumrolls that is) with it's anthem like chorus and great, typically British, "dry" production. Imagine my surprise when suddenly this LP hit the stores that on closer inspection turned out to be recent recordings of their old set (tho' the original 45 is also included). Obviously such a project usually doesn't stand a chance in hell succeeding, but these guys actually pulled it off. Call it powerpop if you will, this is actually the best UK full-length in ages. Yep that's right, finally here's a disc that comes close to the almighty powers of the early Boys, Undertones or Rezillos. 20 year old material played and recorded as if it was written yesterday, I'll even forgive 'em the occasional double-tracked guitarleads for it.
Jeroen Vedder
ORGIE NEWSLETTER #94 October 24 2001

Ooooohhhhhh...! As if it was ever posible - Detour Records releasing yet another storming album by a name from the past!? I was first introduced to this fantastic powerpop band when I picked up the 1994 rare punk compilation LP "Back to Front vol.4" (Incognito Records) that had their only ever released 7" on it, the punk rockin' youth anthem "The Kids Just Wanna Dance"! Not only is that song the best song on the V/A album, but it also promised so much for the Fast Cars, who by that time hadn't released more than that 7" - before NOW! The typical 1970's one-off single story then nothing more for 20 years (think Automatics, The Incredible Kidda Band (OK three 7"s....) etc....!

The 1970's band took their name from The Buzzcocks song and that is also evident source of inspiration to some extent. The style of Fast Cars is not punk rock, not mod, but energetic powerpop with a peculiar heavy guitar sound that makes them differ considerably from other powerpop bands from that era.

There are 16 knockout songs on this LP - and I dare say that that not a single one of them is even half bad! The ultimate standouts have to be "Things you do", Please, Please, Please", "I won't be coming home", "Looking for something", Marching as to war", "The Kids just wanna dance" and the Bowie song "Suffragette City."

All the songs are just fantastic and show how it's supposed to be done. So much pop and so much energy and attitude! The rest of the songs are actually equally good, but perhaps lack a bit in production and recording.

The album is a must in any record collection. 1970's powerpop at it's finest - tight guitars, running bass lines, rockin' drums and high strung British vocals telling stories of everyday teenage life. Haven't you ever thought of "Bombing your school" ...?! What better way to end this review with the title of the album -
Fast Cars ... Coming Ready or Not !!!
Jesper Frydenlund [DENMARK] September 2001

With the name purloined from a track by fellow Mancs., Buzzcocks, Fast Cars were, briefly, pretty big players on the late 70's North West live Circuit.

Although they were unashamed exponents of power-pop and sported hair that crept suspiciously close to the collar, on the strength of their material and energetic live performances, Fast Cars picked up support slots with the likes of the Rezillos, Joy Division, the Jam and, of course, Buzzcocks.
A single, "The Kids Just Wanna Dance", released by Altricham label Streets Ahead, in 1979, was well received and got airplay from John Peel and Peter Powell. But after a proposed deal with Polydor fell through, the band split in 1980.

Now comes a twist in this tale, "The Kids Just Wanna Dance" is now a highly collectable item, particularly in Japan (with copies changing hands for £150), where interest in Fast Cars has never been greater. Indeed, the band have re-formed for live shows in Manchester and Tokyo.
With their usual thoroughness, Detour have unearthed a wealth of unreleased original recordings, and Coming .. Ready Or Not! is bolstered by re-recordings of their originals, plus both cuts from "The Kids Just Wanna Dance."
Sleeve notes are by Radio 1 DJ Mark 'Lard' Riley, who worked with Fast Cars singer Steven Murray in the Sirens, before he and that band left to join the Fall.
Shane Baldwin [UK]
Record Collector magazine [No. 268] December 2001

FAST CARS: "Coming... Ready or Not" (Detour Rec.). "... us here now in the presence of 17 very convincing pieces. This disc gathers all the demos that the group recorded between 1978 and 1980. Even if certain titles suffer from the weakness of the production, the majority of the album is of an excellent level. If you like Stiff Little Fingers, Buzzcocks and The Chords, this disc is for you... ". February 2002. [FRANCE]

Another reissue of forgotten British powerpop from the Detour gang. Fast Cars crank out great hummable tunes in the Buzzcocks tradition, rife with youthful exuberance. A pity that they never attained the succsess they deserved, but here's your chance to correct this.Get this CD before it's a dust cloud in the distance. Covers include soul classic "This Old Heart of Mine" and Bowie's "Suffragette City".
Jack Link. [CANADA]
Caustic Truths! Noizy Music Zine #82 Toronto

Die FAST CARS gründeten sich 1977 in Manchester und haben ihren Namen angeblich aus einem BUZZCOCKS - song. Nach ihrer ersten und einzigen single "The Kids Just Wanna Dance" wären sie beinahe von Polydor gesignt worden, doch es wurde nichts draus und so blieb die 7" bis heute die einzige Platte der Briten, für die bescheuerte japanische Sammler wohl schon über £100 geboten haben. Wo Interesse ist, da ist auch ein Markt, und so machte sich Detour Records auf die Suche nach der Band , mit dem Ergebnis, dass jetzt das erste Album der Power-Pop-Punkers erschienen ist. Siebzehn Songs, die bis auf die beiden Singletracks alle unveröffentlicht sind und von denen ein Teil als alte Aufnahme vorliegt, ein anderer Teil aber auch von der Originalbesetzung neu aufgenommen wurde, wobei man den Unterschied kaum hört. Alles in allem wirklich schoner Power-Pop, mit dem kleinen Makel, dass der Gitarrenmann teilweise etwas zu sehr nudelt. Im Booklet gibt's' ne kurze Bandhistory und Abbildungen von Flyern und Zeitungsausschnitten, aber leider keine saubere Aufstellung zum Wann und Wo der Aufnahmen der Songs - immerhin, die klassische 7" scheint in Form der Originalaufnahmen vorzuliegen.

OX Fanzine #45 (Dez - Feb) 2001/2 GERMANY

"Considering that the album contains 16 tracks and no filler, one has to wonder how the band was able to hide so many wonderful songs. It's truly amazing that The Fast Cars Lp took so many years to be released. To those only familiar with the band's sole original Ep release, this Lp will be a real treat. Each and every song is bound to get your toes tappin' because the Fast Cars formula for short punky pop songs heavy on the hooks never seems to go out of style. With song titles giving equal nods to the Buzzcocks ("What Can I Do?") and the Beatles ("Please Please Please") The Fast Cars wear their influences on their sleeve but manage to construct a sound that's completely fresh and original at the same time, even 20-some years later. Let's hope there's more where that came from.
Scott Bass USA 2002

Fast Cars - Coming...Ready Or Not!
From the UK this 17 song compilation compiles this rocking mod, late 70's styled power pop Manchester band from 1977-1980, who sound like bands of the era like, get ready to swallow: The Boys, Starjets, early Generation X, The Undertones and dashes of '77 inspired The Who and a personal fave, Radio Stars. I was fully into everything from this era, but somehow missed this band and must say I was not sure I'd find more bands from this era that make me feel like I am missing anything. Well, here was a band totally not heard on the US shores and I should have found some of their singles, at least. No worries----17 total songs of a mixture of the frantic side of late 70's power poppers trying to get the punkers to take them seriously. Outstanding material, check out the soundbites. Grade: A for fans of these bands and era.
April 2002 USA

This cd is simply superb, 17 catchy tracks from one of the greatest Mancunian bands never to make it... From the rousing opener 'Images Of You' to the melodic 'Kids Just Wanna Dance', to one of the best testaments to deep-seeded urban decay I've ever heard, 'I'm Alright'. Another highlight is the note-perfect cover of David Bowie's 'Suffragette City'.
Fast Cars recently played two sell-out gigs in Japan and its no wonder: this lot can write a hell of a killer tune.
This album deserves every one of the five stars I've awarded it. Sublime.
Music Lover Birmingham,UK on April 2002

The Fast Cars from Manchester were formed in 1977, what may nearly describe their sound. On this longplayer you’ll get 16 hits boosted through your ears, which you won’t forget anymore! Through their career these sympathetic british guys only released one 7” with the smash hit “The Kids Just Wanna Dance”, that should ‘ve found its place as a milestone of our fine subculture by now. The Sound lays somewhere between their answer generator the Buzzcocks and the Undertones at their top form. Last year, the Fast Cars toured Japan and they’re also on the line-up for the upcoming HITS! That they still know how to do it is shown impressively on this record, cause some of the songs were recorded last year, with the same equipment as they used back in the 70’s and you’ve got no chance to figure out which songs! But by now, turn your hi-fi unit to maximum and safety-belts on for the HITS. Smasher!!!
****** 6/6
Messed up - Treasures and Trash
German Fanzine June 2002

Coming... Ready Or Not!” CD
Detour Records is a small label, that often hasn’t enough budget to release more records, but when they’ve got something there’s excitement in Real Shocks’ home. Finally there’s a 17-Track CD by the Fast Cars from Manchester by whom I only knew the fantastic 7” “The Kids Just Wanna Dance” from ’79. A Single that only a few people own because it was pressed in a very small edition and is traded for not less than 100 pounds nowadays. Detour Records got the Band together after a long search and the impossible happened. The band had a lot of unreleased studio tracks on a master-tapes. You can find the result on this CD, 15 never heard before PowerPop pearls all pretty good quality including their single with the b-side “You’re So Funny”. With this CD there’s a booklet with lots of rare photos and linernotes written by a friend of the band, Marc (Lard) Riley - he’s a DJ at BBC Radio One today. If you listen to stuff like The Chords, Jolt, Stiffs or Starjets, you shouldn’t miss buying this record.
Ralf Real Shock ***** 3rd Generation Nation German fanzine June 2002

A collection of material by the Buzzcock inspired wonders that brought us "The Kids Just Wanna Dance." 16 additional songs recorded from that period between 1978 and 1970. The FAST CARS captured the jangly powerpop sound of the time (1978) and place (Manchester) creating anthemic scrappy pop songs that drew on the early garage and bubblegum rock scenes the way The Jam did. And the cover of Bowies "Suffragette City" also provide hints into the influences of the Velvet Goldmine, but the fast cars were not from the glam scene. They were a mix of the punk scene that came out of Manchester and inspired the likes of The Buzzcocks. The song "Things you do" has that Fergal Sharkey Undertones sound, but the lyrics have an ode to The Buzzcocks ("I really like the things you do, I wanna do it too"). The vocals of Steve Murray in most of their songs sounds like Pete Shelley. The bouncy bass lines are replicas from various singles. And it doesn't help that they take their name from a Buzzcocks song. But we would be a lot poorer without gems like "The Kids Just Wanna Dance." And "Coming ... ready or not!" unearths a few other greats like "Everyday I make another mistake" , "You're so funny" , "Please Please Please" and "I'm all right." I'm soooo happy this material was finally released.
EQUALIZING X DISTORT Fanzine issue 2, number 5, Toronto CANADA
May June 2002

* Fast Cars: Coming… Ready or Not! (Detour) Power-pop with a bit of a punky rock 'n' roll twist out of Manchester, England circa 1978-1980. Second cousins to the Undertones I think is a fair description. Nice tunes, strong harmonies and very well played. Surprising they never made the charts or captured the hearts of more at the time. More than likely a tad image related - not punky or stylish enough to appeal the followers of all things new and exciting, and probably too new and exciting to appeal to the denim clad hordes. Ah well, what can you do eh? How about slap it on again pop fans. (17 tracks. 48:13 playing time.)
The Fast Cars were a late 70's Power Punk band from Manchester. Their earlist line up included Marc Riley who would later join The Fall and Radio One. They never made much headway during their existance, even with an association with the fasshionable Mod Revival at the time. Listening it's difficult to see why they didn't succeed, they had the songs (give or take the odd dodgy line, which even then is sometimes evocative) and the sound on this CD is excellent, though the band could have done with a bit of advice image wise ! Even so, this is Punck Pop how it ought to be, i.e. Punk that doesn't know or care that it's pop. Yet another goodie from Detour.
PART TIME PUNK Fanzine,UK, issue 4, 2002
A curio brought forth from the late 70’s by mod/scooter label Detour. Manchester’s Fast Cars weren’t the best punk/pop band to emerge from the “Punk’s Not Dead”era, but a quick blast through “Images Of You” reminds you of their Buzzcock influenced guitar fuzzed melodics. Think of todays new upstarts Kinesis, The Pachinos etc and you’re not far from the veins that the Fast Cars were tapping 23 years ago. “Tameside Girls” is basic and laden only with 4 or so chords. “What Can I Do “ is more powerful and could set the stages alight in Londons Ponk (pop/punk) infatuated scene. Thin Lizzy vs The Buzzcocks anyone ? “You’re So Funny” mixes GenX with more buzzsaw antics. But with a track listing of 17 songs, this really is a record for the inquisitive and one for those who maybe remember the band, although there’s an odd gem stuck in there . Not as famous as The Drones, later than their other inspirational brothers, Fast Cars never really made it, until now – with their original Vinyl offerings reaching ridiculous price tags in Japan (the irony of “Everyday I Make Another Mistake”), they’ve at long last had their legacy committed to a digital format. AS
Manchester Music 01 September 2002
/ Detour / 17 TRK CD
Fast Cars - Coming... Ready or Not! CD Detour Records Although the Fast Cars were a great band and recorded this great material during the height of the power-pop/punk explosion in the UK, the band never hit it big. They got lost in a sea of great bands in their native Manchester and never made it to the US. This album was recommended to me and I am stoked! The best way to describe them is a combination of Eater (one of my all-time faves) and the Buzzcocks. Pure '77. If you can listen to "What can I do?" without wanting to go nuts, something is wrong with you. It's impossible to hate this album. It gets better and better with every listening. Currently, there are re-issues for everything under the sun. Some bad-some good. This qualifies as great. From now on when someone asks "where were you in 77", say "Listening to Fast Cars!" 2003
Fast Cars - Coming... Ready or Not! CD
How good can rock'n'roll get? Not much better than this, that's for sure. Fast Cars were a Manchester punk band from the late '70's who were inspired - as their name clearly indicates - by the Buzzcocks. They released only one great single and a few songs on a Manchester compilation, but now the wonderful Detour label has collected their recorded material and released it all for the first time on this CD. Like the music of the Buzzcocks, this is killer punk with infectious tunes, really loud guitars, and undeniable power and passion. It amazes me that a group like this, which has definite pop appeal, didn't attract a larger following, but no doubt their heavy guitars sounded like "noise" back then to weak-kneed fans of commercial pop. Not to be missed.
JEFF. Shredding Paper, America's Record Review Magazine, #16, 2003

Coming.Ready Or Not! Fast Cars
Detour have done it again! Now theyve unearthed a ton of stuff by this late 70s mod/pop band whose rare records are in high demand among all discerning Mods! Features their classic The Kids Just Wanna Dance! ACE!!

I've never written a review on Amazon, and I'm only writing one now because I find it disheartening an album this good has no reviews.

At first, what struck me about the album is how much it sounded like The Exploding Hearts, as if the Fast Cars were trying to fill the void left by the Hearts' tragic demise. Which might have been the case, except for the fact that the Fast Cars made their mark in the '70s!

The songs are loud and catchy, but, similar to the Hearts, the sound is dirtier and more roughhewn than power pop songs such as Cheap Trick's "Surrender," but this only adds to the charm of the Fast Cars and sets them apart from their peers.

So if you like The Exploding Hearts, '70s punk or power pop in general, the Fast Cars are worth checking out. The album price is worth it, if only for the classic "The Kids Just Wanna Dance."

Plus considering that as of this writing this is the only review and that the ultra-rare original vinyl of the Fast Cars goes for mad cash on E-bay, just knowing about this band is sure to get you more cred than putting on a skinny tie. At least among the Japanese anyway.

5 out of 5 Stars. A Power Pop Classic!,
October 12, 2005
Reviewer: J. Tucker (Iowa City)

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