Fast Cars & Gordon Smith Guitars
John Smith .. The Boss Chris Smith Sound Engineer, 1979Chris Smith now Stuart Murray in the workshop

Fast Cars have a long history with Gordon Smith Guitars, after first meeting John Smith, Gordon Whitham, and Chris Smith (no relation to John), back in 1978.
The lads talked Chris in to driving them to a gig as he had a transit van, (although Stuart and Craig could drive, they were not old enough to hire a van), they all got on so well that Chris became their sound engineer and was with Fast Cars until they split in 1980.

Stuart ordered a flying v bass which was finished in August 1978, (ref no.00125) and it has since been used on most recordings and live until 2001 when he bought a Griffin Bass. Craig used Chris Smith's own guitar (ref no.36) which was used on all recordings, until he could afford his own "smithy" in 1980.
Unfortunately that guitar was stolen from the Portland Bars in Manchester, in December 1980, and has never been seen since, (its ref number is 00220). When Fast Cars reformed in 2001 Stuart still had has flying v and Craig borrowed Chris' guitar again for the first few gigs and also to do some re-recording, using the original guitars helped maintain the sound.

Fast Cars recorded a second album in 2004, in which Craig used his new 20th Anniversary Graduate model, and Stuart used both his long scale (no.09080) and short scale (no.08886) Griffin basses.

Stuart's Flying v Bass Craig's GS that was stolen Craig with Chris Smith's Guitar Craig's Anniversary model

Fast Cars also demo'd GS guitars at the Manchester Music show at Belle Vue Manchester in October 1979.

Stuart used his Flying V and also the new Bass with round rotary pick-ups, Craig used his new Graduate.


There are 2 Fast Cars tracks on this album, recorded at Cargo Studio in 1978.
Craig used John Smith's personal Light Blue GS Strat, Stuart Used his new GS Flying V Bass No. 00125

Craig used GS number 0036 & Stuart used his Flying V Bass. (Note mention on back of cover).

Recorded in 1979

GS no. 0036 & Flying V Bass.

Recorded Live in 1979.

GS no. 0036 & Flying V Bass.

Recorded between 1978 & 2001.

(Note a thanks included in the cover).

GS 20th Anniversay model & Griffin Bass

Recorded 2004.

Although this album was released in 2021 it was recorded in 1980
using Graduate No. 00200 and Flying V Bass No.00125

Below is Fast Cars on Granada TV with Craig playing 00036 and Stuart using 00125 live in the studio June 1979. (Stuart was wearing his Gordon smith tee shirt).

Below is Craig playing No.00036 at Deeply Vale Festival Aug. 1979 in front of an estimated 20,000 people, Stuart is using his Flying V.

Craig using his 20th Anniversary Graduate and Stuart using his Griffin Bass in 2019 (Rick the Drummer is wearing a Gordon Smith Tee shirt!!).

Gordon-Smith Guitars, probably the best guitars in the world ....well we think so !!