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FAST CARS at The Retro Bar Manchester, 2008

Retro Bar Manchester 25th May 2008.

Here is a review of the Retro Bar gig:
The much anticipated Fast Cars pinged into their stride and peppered the crowd with a full on blast of melodic power pop punk that really caught my lugs and held their attention throughout.

This was f***iní great stuff that fizzed and frothed with sharp snappy chords and meaty riffs. I love this kind of bubbling punk and the airy, feel good vibe that runs deeply through the entire marrow of this high octane noise is a true delight.

You canít beat this style of play and when itís done this well I can only stand back and appreciate. This is a band I have wanted to see a long time and in no way whatsoever was I disappointed. Letís hope this is the start of a major renaissance and the Fast Cars have a good run on the current circuit.

OMD 26th May 2008

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