Stuart Murray is the bass guitarist, and Steve's older brother.
Stuart maintains the website and is responsible for keeping the archives.
The guitar used on most of "Coming ready or not" and all previous recordings is a Gordon Smith flying V bass.
Stuart had it custom built in 1978 and it is the only Gordon Smith Flying V Bass made. He still uses it occasionally live today.

When the band started to play live again on a more regular basis, he had another bass made by Gordon-Smith's, this time a standard Griffin (although only 6 were made in short scale, John Smith decided to discountinue them).
Again Stuart's is different having black hardware, a birdseye maple neck (long scale), and a flame maple top, once again a one-off !!

Stuart also has one of the original short scale Griffin's which has been used recording the new album "Well ... you started it!" and also live.

Recently added to his stage gear Stuart has a Fender Precision Standard in white, and a '51 Precision (re-issue) in butterscotch.

On the original recordings/live Stuart used a HH 100w Combo amp with a 15" speaker and a seperate 15" HH cab, currently he is using a Trace Elliot GP7 SM 150w amp with a 2x10" cab and a 15" speaker cab.

Stuart is married with a step-son, originally from Pendlebury he now lives in the Tyldesley area of Wigan.

Cargo studio using Ibanez ric copy

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