The Kids Just Wanna Dance

The 1979 Streets Ahead original designed by our Manager at the time, Tim Llewellyn, if you look closely at the seatbelt you can see "Tim" written several times!

2001 version on 1977 Records, Japan.
Note the change to Gordon Smith Guitars, this should have been on the original but Tim who designed the cover thought he knew best,
this has caused confusion over the years as many think Gordon was a member of the band, in fact it is the Company who made our guitars !

2003 version on Last Years Youth Records, Germany.
This version contains all our recordings that were released in 1979

There is also a white label bootleg that has a copy of the '79 cover, the diffence being the bootleg cover is on Gloss paper.

This is the photo used on the cover, taken by Martin O'Neill, outside Bowdon Vale Social Club, March 1979.

Tim with his wife with Steven and Stuart Murray 2009.